2016 Muralists

Lions Grip

Cincinnati, OH


Sheffield, UK

Patch Whisky & Ghostbeard

Charleston, SC & Detroit, MI


Past Murals

sheryomeSheryo & The Yok – Untitled Located at 431 Jersey St

dheoMrDHEO and Pariz One – Untitled Located at 266 Jefferson St

Louis-muralOdeith – Louis Located at 185 Elm Tree Lane

hitnesmuralHitnes – Turkey Located at corner of Broadway and Main (look up)

roaBUFFALORoa – Buffalo Located at 139 Luigart Ave on North Limestone

hnosmHow & Nosm – Moonshine Located next to 310 W. Short Street

brooklyn-street-art-mto-prhbtn-lexington-ky-11-14-web-7MTO – My Name is MO Located at 1200 Manchester Street

andrewhemAndrew Hem – Nightwatchers Located at 139 W. Short Street

kobraEduardo Kobra – Lincoln Located on the back wall of the Kentucky Theater.  Visible from Vine St.


Gaia – Untitled Located on the side wall of West Sixth Brewing. More Information Coming Soon

phlegmPhlegm – Untitled Located on the rear of the Old Tarr Distillery.  Soon to be next to Ethereal Brewing. More Information Coming Soon

odeithOdeith – Untitled Located on the outside of the Thrift Store of the Lexington Rescue Mission.